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Updated February 2020

Reference in these terms and conditions to “City Airport Ltd” is reference to the company managing and operating City Airport and Manchester Heliport at the time of your application and correspondence relating to hangarage and outside parking should be addressed to:
City Airport Ltd, Control Tower, City Airport, Liverpool Road, Eccles, Manchester. M30 7SA Email:
References to “written notice” refer to communication either in writing, or by email.


1. Applications for aircraft hangarage or outside (field) parking must be made by filling in the official application form. Applications will be reviewed at the earliest opportunity. Applications submitted do not automatically convey acceptance of a position until this is confirmed in writing.

2. A position on the waiting list does not guarantee precedence in allocation, since the size or shape of an aircraft may preclude its suitability for the space available.

3. Owners should ensure that the aircraft is stationed in its space within two calendar months of offer. If the aircraft is not stationed within a two-month period, the accommodation is forfeited and no refund will be due. The applicant then may then re-apply in writing for a position on the waiting list.

4. Any applicant who is offered hangarage / parking, which is deemed suitable for their aircraft, and subsequently declines the space may re-apply but will return to the waiting list as the last applicant.

Space Allocation

5. Allocation of all positions will be made by City Airport Ltd. This decision is final. Aircraft positions are subject to change at any time, at the discretion of City Airport Ltd, to make best use of parking space available and to enable additional aircraft to be accommodated. The allocation of a position does not create any relationship of landlord and tenant between City Airport Ltd and the applicant and City Airport Ltd may determine any rights of hangarage or parking at any time by giving written notice to that effect to the owner/operator.

6. Prior written approval is required for storage lockers to be sited in the hangars. Locker rental will be charged as listed within the agreement. Lockers will be placed in a pre-designated area and should be clearly marked with the aircraft registration. No other storage of any items is permissible without the permission of City Airport Ltd.

Use of an allocated space

7. Approved applicants are forbidden to ‘sub-let’ any space allocated to them within the hangars or outside parking spaces. Any such breach of this condition may result in immediate withdrawal of hangarage / parking allocated and termination of other services provided.

8. City Airport Ltd may on occasion require that an aircraft is repositioned to/from another hangar and/or between hangar/outside space to accommodate airport events, operational requirements and building/airfield repairs and maintenance. City Airport Ltd will seek to minimise such
occurrences but will provide reasonable notice and assistance as required. The owner/operator grants City Airport Ltd and any of its employees permission to move an aircraft as required to facilitate day to day operational needs or for the reasons above.

9. Aircraft should not display any visible markings which are illegal or which may be considered offensive or may cause offence to our general visitors and site users. Should markings be displayed which cause such concern, City Airport Ltd may request that such markings are removed or altered to the satisfaction of the Company.

10. In the event of policy rules being broken by any owner or group member City Airport Ltd reserves the right to withdraw hangarage / parking facilities for the aircraft, or withdraw permission to use other airfield services, allowing for a reasonable notification period, and may take legal action as deemed necessary to recover any monies owing.

11. All aircraft Hangarage and parking spaces are designated for the parking of aircraft that remain active in use. Where an aircraft does not fly for a period of more than 4 months, City Airport Ltd reserves the right to terminate the agreement, or may seek to charge an additional storage premium charge of £200 pcm plus VAT for the space occupied.

12. Storage of aircraft that are non-airworthy and/or are in an unsuitable and unsafe and dismantled condition is not permitted.

13. The following activities and usage within hangars is forbidden, and may be subject to immediate expulsion of the relevant aircraft and/or the perpetrator’s aircraft from the Airport:

• Any significant Maintenance of aircraft (with exception of minor works that are carried out using only hand tools and are capable of being completed by the owner.)
• Spray painting
• Parking private vehicles or driving within enclosed hangar space
• Use and storage of substances hazardous to human health
• Storage of inflammable substances
• Any actions which violate Health and Safety regulations
• Fuelling and de-fuelling
• Smoking
• Usage of unsafe electrical devices or wiring rig-ups
• Running of aircraft engines within the hangar (including taxiing into hangar under power)
• Starting aircraft engines outside, where prop wake disturbs the interior of the hangar
• Any other use which is deemed irresponsible, unsafe and a hazard to other users / occupiers.
• Fly Tipping

14. City Airport Ltd will provide tie-down anchors for all aircraft parked outside. The responsibility for ensuring that aircraft are securely tied lies solely with the owner. City Airport Ltd accepts no responsibility for damage caused to aircraft that are inadequately secured.

15. Paving flagstones or other structures around parked aircraft must not be installed without the prior written approval of City Airport Ltd. Approval of such installations does not guarantee permanency of allocated space.

Payment of Fees

16. Liability for hangarage or parking charges lies strictly with the applicant stated on the agreement. In the case of group owned aircraft, the charge lies with the Group Secretary. It is also the responsibility of the Group Secretary to supply a list of all names and contact details of all group members and next of Kin contact details, and make all group members aware of the terms and conditions governing aircraft parked or hangered at the airfield. Any changes in group membership must be communicated City Airport Ltd in writing at the earliest opportunity.

17. In the event of non, short or late payment, City Airport Ltd reserves the right to immediately withdraw the hangarage / parking facilities and may withdraw airfield services, and to take action to recover monies due.

18. City Airport Ltd reserves the right to review and amend all charges at any time. At least one months’ notice will be provided.
Insurance and Liabilities

19. The hangarage and outside parking of aircraft at City Airport and Heliport is entirely at the owner’s/operator’s risk and City Airport Ltd accepts no liability for loss, destruction or damage to or theft of or from the aircraft or the contents thereof. City Airport Ltd makes no warranty as to the condition of the parking or hangarage facilities provided. The owner and operators of the stated aircraft within the application confirm that no claim will be made against City Airport Ltd or any group/company or any of their respective employees, servants and agents, in respect of any loss or damage to property, or unavailability of aircraft due to damage, or for events and operational requirements, which may be suffered. No waiver or claim or indemnity is sought in respect of personal injury or death, but City Airport Ltd wishes to make it clear that the company will seek to defend itself against claims for personal injury or death, where it is advised that a legal defence is appropriate.

20. Anyone causing accidental damage to another aircraft (ie ‘Hangar Rash’) should immediately report the incident to the Airport Duty Manager, take personal responsibility to ensure that the damage is notified to the aircraft owner(s) and that the damage is made good to the satisfaction of the aircraft owner(s). City Airport Ltd does not and will not accept responsibility for ‘Hangar Rash’, except where this may occur where an aircraft is moved by Employees of City Airport Ltd.

21. All owners who have aircraft parked or hangered at City Airport and Heliport must have adequate insurance to cover possible damage to and by their aircraft. Evidence of adequate insurance cover and up to date payment of premiums, must be provided to City Airport Ltd prior to taking up allocation and thereafter on any policy renewal. Aircraft found to be without adequate insurance cover may be evicted from the Airport.

22. Owners/operators must not cause any damage to the Airport facilities or the hangars or any other aircraft using the same and will indemnify and keep City Airport Ltd, indemnified against all costs claims expenses losses damages and liabilities arising out of any breach by the owner /operator of its obligations herein contained.

Notice Period / Retention of space / Aircraft change

23. Anyone who sells their aircraft or wishes to relinquish their space is required to give one month’s written notice to City Airport Ltd. The notice period must be paid in full regardless of the aircraft being in position or not. Hangarage / parking positions are not transferable and are personal to the original applicant. City Airport Ltd will consider reasonable requests to change ownership and transfer agreements between owners.

24. If an aircraft is sold and replaced with an aircraft of the same type and dimensions, at least one months notice must be provided.

25. If an aircraft is sold and replaced with a different aircraft type, a new application must be made for the new aircraft type and the existing space will be forfeited. City Airport Ltd cannot guarantee that a replacement type can be accommodated where the space requirements mean that a suitable space is not available. Owners seeking to change their aircraft type are requested to advise City Airport Ltd at the earliest opportunity.

26. Anyone occupying a hangarage / parking space and wishing to take their aircraft away for a period of a maximum of 6 months may retain a space by continuing to pay the full monthly premium. City Airport Ltd reserves the right to use all spaces available and take payment for such. A minimum of one month’s prior written notice of return to the airfield must be given. If the aircraft does not return after 6 months of its departure, then City Airport Ltd reserves the right to terminate the agreement.

27. Owners /operators must comply with the rules and regulations for aircraft using City Airport and Heliport as published within the Pilot Handbook and UK AIP.

28. By signing this agreement, the owner(s) of the aircraft agree that the aircraft will be operated in accordance with the Airport’s Standard Conditions of Use (Document reference CA-REF-013). 

City Airport Ltd and the Peel Group Privacy Notice City Airport Ltd is part of the Peel Group of companies. Peel respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. In order for us to process your application and for ongoing administration of your account and management of your contract with us, we will use the information you provide on this form and any other communications with us in our legitimate interests for this purpose. Such information may include Identity, Contact Information, Financial Information, Transaction Information and Marketing and Communications data. You may view further information on how we collect and process your personal data by viewing our full Privacy Notice available at

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