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LAC Flying School

One of the Flying Schools based at City Airport, LAC Flying School have on offer a purpose built Cessna simulator. Built by Virtual Aerospace, the UK’s largest flight simulator company it is the only one of its kind in the UK.

If you have a fear of flying and want to see what it’s all about without actually leaving the ground, then you can sit alongside one of their highly experienced instructors as they show you exactly whats involved in piloting a light aircraft, and then maybe afterwards you can try the real thing!

For those who already have a pilot licence and looking to hone  instrument skills, or perhaps practice emergency drills, the simulator is available for solo hire from as little as 30 minutes


FlySim Centre


This Robinson R22 Helicopter Flight Simulator is a truly fabulous flying experience for anyone of any age and a perfect introduction to flying for those who have always wanted to try flying a helicopter.


The simulator has a full and authentic Robinson cockpit layout complete with all original helicopter controls. You can choose to fly from a range of airfields all over the world including our base at City Airport Manchester. FlySim's flight sim instructor will tailor the experience to your personal preference whether you want to try your hand at take offs and landings, autorotations, general handling of the aircraft adding changing weather conditions and emergencies. Best of all, if you make a mistake, they press the reset button and you can try again!

For details and bookings, please visit 
or call them on 0161 787 7326

For details and bookings, please visit

or call them on 0161 710 2210


Manchester Flight Sim Centre

Newly based within City Airport, Manchester Flight Sim Center offers two simulators available for hire.


An Airbus A320 flight simulator features genuine avionics and state of the art graphics, whilst their Light Aircraft Simulator has a fully immersive feel and is made from a genuine aircraft body. 

For professional pilots, the Centre has an FCU/MCDU trainer by ProSim which is a capable unit for practice and refresher training.

For those with a fear of flying, tailored experiences are available to help you understand how aircraft fly by letting you take command of an airbus A320 simulator with an instructor who can help you to fight your fear.

Gift Vouchers are available for all experiences.

For details and bookings, please visit
or call them on 0161 327 1911

747 SIM_edited.jpg

The Deck 747

We are excited to announce the launch of the first real 747-400 aircraft transformed into a simulator here at City Airport, Barton. 


With a fully immersive wraparound screen- this is sure to make you feel like you are taking the queen of the skies back into the air. Perfect for a day out with a difference and available for 10 year and above, or 7 years and above to sit in rear seats and watch!


Partnering with Manchester flight sim centre, we also offer combo packages where you can make a day of it, come and fly the 747, the A320 and the Rockwell commander light aircraft or if you are wanting to treat that special someone, gift vouchers are available on the website for all three.


Don’t delay- book today! We can’t wait to welcome you into the cockpit! 

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