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The noise abatement procedures set out below apply to all aircraft using the aerodrome. All times listed are local time.

  • Pilots should avoid flying over the cemetery 1/4 nm NE of the aerodrome.

  • In nil wind conditions, runway 26L/26R is the preferential runway direction.

  • Aerobatic flights will not normally take place within the Aerodrome Traffic Zone (2nm Radius of the Airport), except for special events.

  • The visual circuit patterns together with the arrival and departure routes form part of the aerodrome noise abatement procedures.

  • When using runway 20, an early right turn is permitted to reduce overflights of the flixton area. (subject to safety and aircraft performance)

  • Pilots using the aerodrome are to operate their aircraft in a manner that will cause the minimum of disruption and disturbance to local residents.

Click the icon to download our Noise Policy.


If you have concerns regarding aircraft noise, then please contacting us by clicking the link below.

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