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Located within the City of Salford, part of Greater Manchester, we are proud of the contribution that City Airport gives to the local community, providing leisure and commercial activities, creating employment opportunities on the airport and supporting local charities and schools through various initiatives.

City Airport is operated by City Airport Ltd and holds an Aerodrome Licence issued by the Civil Aviation Authority. The company recognises that in operating a safe, successful and thriving airport there will inevitably be some environmental and noise impact to individuals and our local communities.

It is our aim to take account of the interests of those who live near to the airfield, and to residents further afield. Within the rules and procedures of our operations and developments of any aspect of the airfield, careful consideration is made to keep any impact as low as reasonably practicable.


City Airport Ltd has established several measures to minimise the impact of airborne aircraft noise. This includes the following initiatives: -

  • Maintaining a Noise Complaints Recording System.

  • Encouraging based operators to operate their aircraft in a manner, which will cause the lease likely disturbance.

  • Monitoring of aircraft operating from the Aerodrome Flight Information service.

  • Publication of the airport noise abatement policy.

  • Selection of Runway in use to minimise noise disturbance.

  • Establishment of circuit patterns, which avoid densely populated areas where possible.

  • Strict limitations for aerobatic flights that take place overhead the airfield.

  • Standardised rules and procedures when operating within the Air Traffic Zone.

  • Limitations and restrictions on operating hours.

Air Quality

It is recognised that Aircraft are a source of emissions which can harm the environment. However, current levels of aircraft movements are vary around 40,000 to 60,000 a year, which equates to around 15,000 to 25,000 actual fights. This has not changed significantly in over ten years.

The airport supports new aircraft technology which brings reductions in airborne pollution and we are committed to reducing emissions at the airport, in partnership with aircraft operators.

The location of the airport, close to major motorway networks (which carry over 453 million cars a year, means that levels of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and unburned fuel generated by aircraft using City Airport are relatively low compared to vehicle emissions in the surrounding area.

Environmental issues are discussed and monitored at meetings of the airport’s consultative committee.

Making a complaint or concern

Aircraft noise is not currently a statutory nuisance in the UK. It is not covered by the Environmental Protection Act 1990 or the Noise Act 1996. This means that local authorities do not have the legal power to take action on matters of aircraft noise, and nor does the Civil Aviation Authority have the legal power to prevent aircraft flying over a particular location or at a particular time for environmental reasons.

Further information about Aircraft Noise can be found on the Civil Aviation Authority website:

If you wish to raise a concern regarding aircraft noise, you may do so by visiting:

Submit your complaint or concern

Please note that due to our operational team’s primary duties in managing the operational safety of the airports on a day to day basis, we are unable to discuss noise concerns by telephone or social media. All noise concerns must be submitted via the above link.

For complaints or concerns regarding Military or Emergency Services

Military -
National Police Air Service
North West Air Ambulance Service -


If you have concerns regarding aircraft noise, then please contacting us by clicking the link below.

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