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Looking for Trial Lessons and Pleasure Flights?

Most Flying Schools at City Airport offer both Trial Lessons and Pleasure Flights. The first step is to decide on the type of aircraft/helicopter that you want to fly, and then contact the relevant Flying School directly for details on prices, availability and bookings. Most schools also sell gift vouchers, ideal for gifts.

There are several types on offer at City Airport such as:

  • Flex Wing Microlights  – The weight-shift microlight is derived from Hang Gliding technology. In this type you are open to the elements which can add to the thrill of flying.

  • Light Sports – Technically still Microlights, these 3-axis Light Sports aircraft look just like any light aircraft. These aircraft usually have just one or two seats. Huge developments in the world of microlights mean that the sport is now one of the safest forms of motorised flight.

  • Light Aircraft – These aircraft are heavier than Microlights and can often seat between 1 and up to 6 passengers.

  • Helicopters – Starting with 2 seat helicopters, these offer a unique and unrivalled convenience of being able to land almost anywhere. More demanding than flying Aircraft, training to fly a helicopter can be a uniquely rewarding experience.

  • Gyrocopters – Also known as autogyro and gyroplane, the experience of flying these is very unique. There are 1 and 2 seat versions available.

Minimum Requirements for lessons

  • Minimum Age – There is no minimum age for starting to learn to fly, however you cannot go solo until you are at least aged 16.

  • Medical – Depending on the licence type that you are training for, medical requirements vary from a simple medical declaration of fitness to a more complete medical examination by an authorised medical examiner. Your Flying School will be able to provide you with detailed information.

  • Finances – Some flying schools offer packages where you can pay upfront for a number of lessons or even a complete course. However you can also choose to simply pay as you go for each lesson.

Start with a Trial Lesson

If you want to give flying a try, the best thing to start with is a Trial Lesson. This allows you to experience hands on flying immediately as well as giving you the chance to decide on the type of aircraft you want to fly, and to try out your chosen Flying School.






Light Aircraft



Light Sports (3-axis Microlights)



Light Sports (Flexwing Microlights)








Pagoda Flight Training


Light Aircraft
(Instructor Courses and Ratings)

There are several businesses from which to choose from at City Airport for both Flying Lessons and Pleasure Flights, listed below. 

0161 789 6110

0161 710 2410

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