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If you are arriving or departing on a Flight Plan, the following information may be useful.

Filing your Flight Plan

We are able to file your Flight Plan on your behalf. If you wish us to do this, please bring your completed Flight Plan to the Duty FISO.

If you need help with putting your Flight Plan together, please ask the FISO on duty.

Activating your Flight Plan

It is the pilot’s responsibility to activate the Flight Plan. However we can undertake activation for departures from the airfield on your behalf. Please ask the Duty FISO to confirm Flight Plan activation.

Flight Plans inbound to City Airport

We are able to receive inbound Flight Plans. Please note that Flight Plans do not constitute PPR. We ask that all pilots also PPR using our online form and include details here of any Flight Plan filed.

Flights to France

French regulations require that all Flight Plans are closed once you have arrived at your (French) destination. Please ensure that you close your Flight Plan within 30 minutes of landing at your destination by requesting that they send an arrival message, otherwise the French authorities will initiate overdue action. If the Airfield is unmanned, you can call on (0033) 0810 437837 to close the Flight Plan.

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