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Frequently asked questions

I want to do work experience, how can I arrange this?

We are always a very popular choice for Work Experience. We do offer limited week placements. For more details, click here.

Are there any job vacancies at City Airport?

Our Airport is a popular place of work and unsurprisingly we receive literally hundreds of applications and requests for work each year. Vacancies do arise very occasionally in roles such as Flight Information Service Officer, Airport Operations, Administration, Fuelling and Rescue and Fire Fighting. To see details of any current vacancies, please see our Job Vacancies Page

Can I do voluntary work at City Airport?

Unfortunately do to the specialised roles involved in running the Airport we are unable to offer any voluntary work at the Airport.

I am an aviation enthusiast, can I go airside to view the aircraft?

Access to airside is restricted, however for groups, tours may be available via the Friends of Barton Aerodrome. Please visit their website. www.friendsofbartonaerodrome.org.uk

How much does it cost for a flying lesson and how do I book?

We do not operate any flights ourselves as we are the operational management company that runs the airport. There are several Flying School business that operate from City Airport and Heliport and syou should contact them directly for details of their pricing and availability for bookings. Click here for a list of the Flying Schools.

Can I bring my dog to the airfield?

We do allow dogs to be brought to the airfield and in the public (non-airside areas). We do ask that dogs are kept on a lead. Please note that dogs (except blind dogs) are not permitted within our Runway 26 Cafe/bar.

Who owns City Airport?

City Airport is owned and managed by The Peel Group, one of the UK’s leading infrastructure, real estate and investment enterprises.

Is the airfield available for tours?

Yes. Tours for groups covering the airfield, its hangars and Control Tower are available. For details, please click here.

Can I visit the airfield to view the aircraft?

Yes. Visitor’s are welcome any time we are open. (See our opening times here). We have a viewing balcony on the first floor of the Control Tower, giving a great view of the airfield and runways. Visitors can also use our Runway 26 Cafe and Bar on the airfield.