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City Airport recognises the benefits of dialog with its users and neighbours, and so hosts an Airport Consultative Committee.

The committee convene every 6 months and comprises representative from Airport Management, Airport Operators, local area Councils, Resident Associations and groups.

The primary purpose of the Committee is as follows: -

  • Provide an opportunity for information exchange between the airport and interested parties.

  • Provide a structured forum for discussion so as to make recommendations to the aerodrome management and other bodies when appropriate.

  • Provide the opportunity to reach a common understanding between interested groups about the nature of aerodrome operation, thereby increasing the scope for issues to be resolved amicably. However, people interested in and affected by an aerodrome operation may have mutually inconsistent viewpoints and it is not realistic to expect that all matters of concern will be able to be resolved through discussion.

  • Promote understanding about airport operations more widely, through dissemination of relevant information by committee members.

  • Promote understanding by the airport operator of the nature of its impacts on local communities and businesses.

Government guidelines on Airport Consultative Committee remit make clear that a Consultative Committee should not:-


  • detract from or constrain the responsibility of the airport owner and/or operator to manage the aerodrome.

  • prevent interested parties from raising concerns directly with the airport, or through other channels.

  • serve as a forum for the resolution of disputes; or

  • have any executive or decision-making power over the airport.


Meetings are held every 6 months and minutes of these meetings are available on request. To contact the Airport Consultative Committee, please contact us.



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