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All charges are excluding VAT.

The following charges are current as at 6th July 2022

Genuine safety related diversionary landings (i.e. weather / emergency related) will not attract a landing charge.

Where stated, charges are based upon manufacturers published or CAA registered MTOW.

Fixed Winged and Gyroplane Landing Charges

Circuit charges are for each Touch and Go or landing, with exception of the final landing within a detail or flight which is charged at the Landing Price.

Upto 600kg - Landing £14.17 - Circuit £7.20

601-1000kg - Landing £15.83 - Circuit £7.20

1001-1600kg - Landing £15.83 - Circuit £7.20

1601kg-3000kg - Landing £39.00 - Circuit £20.00
3000+kg - Landing £52.50 - Circuit £25.00

Helicopter Landing Charges

For based helicopters, there are no additional fees for circuit/hover details. For non based helicopters a charge of £30 is payable for up to 90 minutes of circuit/hover training. This must be pre-booked.

Upto 1300kg - £27.00

1301-2200kg - £48.00

2201-3200kg - £75.00

3201-5800kg - £120.00

5801kg + - £195.00

Daily Parking Charges

Nightly parking is charged for any aircraft or helicopter parking between the airport published closing time to airport opening time. 

Aircraft - 

Up to 1600kg - Outside £20.83 - Hangared £27.50

1601-3000kg - Outside £27.00 - Hangared £32.50

Above 3001kg - Outside £35.00 - Hangared £40.00


Upto 2200kg - Outside £36.00 - Hangared £55.00

2201-5800kg - Outside £52.00 - Hangared £110.00

Above 5801kg - Outside £64.00 - Hangared £135.00

Extension charges

Extension charges will apply to authorised movements outside published operating hours. Please contact us for details.


Other charges

Rigging of non-based microlights departing (and not returning) - £8.00

Late Arrivals - Unless otherwise arranged, a charge of £150 will be payable for arrivals after the notified time of closure.

Payment of Fees

  1. All fees and charges must be paid for prior to the aircraft departing unless a credit agreement is in place or this is specifically agreed in writing. All payments on the day must be made by Credit/Debit card only. In the event of non-payment, an invoice will be sent to the operator, and an administration fee of £10 applied to the invoice

  2. Monthly outside parking or hangarage is subject to a signed agreement and must be paid for in accordance with Terms and Conditions set out within the Parking Agreement.

  3. All fuel must be paid for at the point of uplift by Credit/Debit card, or where a credit account is held within 7 days of invoice.

  4. Cheques are no longer accepted forms of payment.

  5. The company may at its discretion dispense wholly, or in part, with any charge payable provided that they are satisfied that it is in the interest of the company to do so.

  6.  Landing Charge will be waived in the event of a genuine weather diversion. All other associated charges such as parking and extension charges remain applicable. Note that the Airport and Heliport are not to be considered as a suitable diversion outside published operating hours unless specific contingency arrangements have been made.

  7. The company reserves the right to amend prices at its discretion unless covered by the terms of a written contract.

Download our current charges document.


Price valid from

£1.90 + VAT

£1.34 + VAT


Helicopter Rotors Running Refuels will attract an additional charge of £15.00. Advance notification is required. Subject to availability.



Annual Landing Contracts are available for individual Private Pilot Licence holders which provides unlimited landings by the holder for private use and access to certain reciprocal landings at other airfields.



Subject to availability, long term outside parking and hangarage is available for a monthly charge payable in advance.

For further details and applications please see our Parking and Hangarage page


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