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We are a member of the North West Local Airspace Infringement Team which meets regularly. This consists of attendees from Aerodrome Operators, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP), commercial operators, flying schools and other local airspace users within the North West region. Meeting quarterly, its purpose is to focus in reducing airspace infringements through local initiatives and targeted actions.

Initiatives from the Local Airspace Infringement Team and NATS (Manchester) in recent years have included;

  • Development of a Low Level Route Briefing Guide

  • Implementation of the Manchester Radar Frequency Monitoring Squawk (Listening Squawk)

  • Display of airspace advisory signs at airfield holding points

  • Return of Class D Airspace to class G around the Manchester Control Zone.

  • Joint ATC and AFIS presentations, including supporting GASCo Safety Evenings with additional material.

  • Pre-arranged visits to Manchester ATC

  • Development of 'Take 2' Initiative

  • Pro-Active reviews of local area VRPs

  • Implementation of Barton Conspictuity Squawk


As part of City Airport’s commitment to supporting the objectives of the ‘LAIT’ initiative, the City Airport team put together a video to demonstrate how the appropriate use of GPS, and listening squawks can assist controllers in resolving a simple infringement before it develops into a more serious situation.

The video was featured at a Safety Evening Presentation and was produced with the generous assistance of NATS Manchester and Mainair Flying School. As part of the recognition of the efforts to reduce infringements, City Airport and Mainair Flying School were awarded the NATS Infringement Prevention Award.

A joint CAA, NATS, AOA, GA and MoD initiative to tackle major safety risks in UK airspace.


NATS - Why airspace infringements have the potential to impact all of us.


A project designed to make flying safer, more efficient and more enjoyable, with helpful guides on VRP's and local landmarks.


Airspace Awareness Poster, Cards and Take 2 Initiative

With both NATS (Manchester) and the Manchester Airport Group we have jointly produced an airspace awareness poster and useful tips cards.

The North West LAIT has also produced a 'Take2' Initiative.

Click below to download these.

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